Lisa began speaking publicly during her senior year of high school, and since then has been doing so on a regular basis, at events across the United States as well as abroad. She particularly enjoys speaking to:
Young Adults
Women’s Groups
Military Families
Writers’ Groups

Typically building her messages from the Bible, Lisa relates Scripture to relevant, everyday-life topics and questions by weaving in creative analogies, observations, and personal stories. The topics included in her past messages include:
Feeling Disillusioned With God
Discerning God’s Voice
Sexual Purity
Waiting For God
Spiritual Gifts

Here’s what other people have been saying about Lisa:

“We loved having Lisa speak at our girls-only event! All the girls (both Jr. & Sr. High) were captivated by her stories and her message, and were eager to meet her afterwards. Lisa was gracious and really interested in talking with the girls one-on-one after the event. Lisa’s style is funny, relevant, and relatable. All of that combined had a positive impact on our girls, and they’re still talking about how much they enjoyed and learned from the event.”
Paige Burzlaff
Ministry Leader, Student Ministries at St. John’s Lutheran Church
Bakersfield, CA

“Lisa Velthouse shared her story of learning to taste the sweetness of the Lord with the women of our church. The authentic and transparent delivery of her message made it believable, relatable and quite rare. It was apparent as we were privy to her well-crafted message, that she was not seeking to build herself up, but to show us that we were all broken and in desperate need of God’s miraculous gift of grace. As a counselor in our church, her message resounded deeply with what I often see in the church—a belief in the lie that some of us are “good girls and boys” who have somehow earned and deserve God’s favor. Her story exposed the devastating effects of that lie. But her message also revealed the depths of love and gratitude we find when we grasp who we really are in contrast with who God has revealed Himself to be. Through her talk, Lisa Velthouse invited us all to experience the matchless privilege of tasting God’s undeserved grace for the first time and of living life in the sweetness of that truth.”
Patti McCarthy Broderick, PhD
Counselor on Staff, Cornerstone Chapel; Author, He Said, “Press”
Leesburg, VA

“Lisa spoke to our youth on a weekend purity retreat.  Lisa shared her message with passion, humor, clarity and great effectiveness.  Although purity can be a difficult message to share, Lisa did so with great sensitivity.  A bonus: she got to know our students on a personal level, even to the point of knowing their names!”
Pastor Kirk “Z” Zylstra
Zeeland, MI

“Lisa Velthouse is one of my all-time favorites! Favorite speaker (energetic, funny, effective), favorite writer (wow, can she ever craft a story), favorite traveling companion (the zaniest things happen when she’s along), and favorite seeker with whom to discuss the truths of Scripture. Over the past ten years of knowing Lisa and having her speak with me at the B.A.B.E. Events around the country, I have watched God develop a young woman who is the real deal (don’t let her quirky red hair and passion for stilettos fool you). She gets it. And the proof of that oozes out in her servant attitude and loving heart towards others. God will keep using who she is to bring others to a fuller understanding of who He is. I think Lisa is going to become lots of people’s favorites!”
Andrea Stephens
Author & Speaker; Founder of The B.A.B.E. Event
Ft. Myers, FL