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IMG_2033_2_2I’m a freelance writer and speaker and the author/contributor on a number of books. My most recent projects have been Craving Grace (my memoir about grace and fasting) and Lauren Scruggs’ Your Beautiful Heart (for teens). I’ve contributed articles to a number of publications (Christianity Today, Relevant, and Her.meneutics are a few), and my work has also been noted elsewhere, including in Publisher’s Weekly.

I’ve been a wife since 2010 and a mom since 2012. My husband Nathan is an active-duty Marine Corps infantry officer, which means he deploys fairly often and we move often too. A life of marriage, motherhood, and military has become for me a crash course in selflessness, flexibility, and fearing-not. Those are things I’ve never excelled in. Still don’t. Maybe you can relate?

If you’re anything like me, on a given day you’ll find yourself hunting for hope, help, strength, certainty, comfort, rest, direction, stillness, kindness, contentment, joy—potentially all of them, potentially all before 9am. This site is here as a reminder and a reflection: Good news!—in finding redemption through Christ, everything we seek has been fully found.

If you’re new here, and especially if that message of the gospel is new to you, I hope you’ll stick around for a while. In particular, here are some places where you might get started:

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