About Lisa Velthouse

Lisa is an author and speaker bringing a message of hope and joy found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. She writes and speaks particularly for:

Military Families

After being published for the first time at seventeen, Lisa has been writing and speaking ever since, with her work taking her all over the United States and abroad. Lisa’s books include Saving My First Kiss (Regal, 2003) and her 2011 memoir Craving Grace (Tyndale). Once the “2000 Brio Girl” for Brio Magazine, Lisa later worked as a book collaborator and then on staff at a large church in West Michigan. She holds a degree in English Literature and is married to Nathan, an infantry officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. They live with their young daughter in Southern California.

Where You’ve Seen Her

Other than on this site, Lisa’s work has also been published in numerous publications, including:

  • Brio Magazine (as columnist and “2000 Brio Girl”)
  • Christianity Today (print magazine)
  • Her.meneutics
  • Susie Magazine

Lisa’s work has also been noted in Publisher’s Weekly and Focus on the Family.

Connect With Lisa

Twitter – @lisavelthouse
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