Craving Grace Crosses the Pacific!

For all those who have been asking, Craving Grace is about to be released in the Southeast Asia!

With a cover-refresh and in paperback to boot, Craving Grace is heading off to the islands. Courtesy of OMF Literature, you’ll now be able to find my latest project for sale in the Philippines. Upon last check, it hadn’t yet hit the OMF website, but be on the lookout and you should find it there soon!

Special thanks to all those who asked for this—you’re getting your wish!

Book Signing with Pam Farrel & Friends

Thanks to the great folks at Berean San Diego for hosting these lovely ladies and me!

(Left to right: Pam Farrel, Marcia Ramsland, Susan Meissner, Lisa, Arlene Pellicane)

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of participating in a book signing with some local Southern California authors. It was a fantastic hour, and all kinds of fun. These ladies are fabulous—check them out, and buy their books!

Pam Farrel, co-founder of Love-Wise and co-author of Men are Like Waffles, Women are Like Spaghetti and many others.

Marcia Ramsland, Organizing pro and author of Simplify Your Holiday Season

Susan Meissner, Fiction author of The Girl in the Glass and many others.

Arlene Pellicane, author of 31 Days to a Happy Husband


Fifty Shapes Like Grace

Introducing Celia Grace, born late April.

Because mama wants to feel somewhat professional again, for at least 20 minutes.

And because grace is the loveliest thing, and because graciousness, gracefulness, and gratitude all take shapes that point in its general direction—here are 50 little celebrations from my corner of the woods.

(1) You are still reading this, despite my cheesy riff of a title.

(2) The safe arrival of our baby girl, who (3) is a redhead, (4) has the best gummy smile ever, (5)  sleeps like a dream, (6) screams like crazy beforehand—keeps things interesting, (7, 8, and 9) got her dad’s cute upper lip, and (10) is learning how to giggle.

(11) Baby nap times, which tie you to home much of most days, making sleep deprivation less painful.

(12) Mountain views from the postpartum floor at the hospital.

Photo Uploads: Publicity & Travel

The military has a way of moving folks around every now and then. For instance, in less than a year of marriage to my Marine Corps husband, Uncle Sam has moved us across the country twice. This most recent trek corresponded well with the release of Craving Grace, so Nathan and I extended our trip a bit and incorporated some fun promo opportunities. Here’s a smattering of photos from the last month or so, to show a bit of where we’ve been.

Our last day on the East Coast for a while: Nathan’s graduation from Marine Corps University.

An early morning on Moody Radio in West Michigan.

From The Road: Radio!

Already: VA, PA, OH, MI, IL

Currently: IN

Next: IL, MO, KS, CO, UT, AZ, NV, CA

How wonderful of Tyndale House to schedule the Craving Grace release in time for our military cross-country move! It has made for some timely book travel-promo.

Yesterday Nathan and I headed over the Tyndale House corporate center for a quick meeting with my fabulous book team. (Love them!) Then it was off to Moody Radio in downtown Chicago for an hour on the “Chris Fabry Live!” show. Pretty fun, that nationally-syndicated radio programming. We had a great time and were especially excited to be joined by my Tyndale publicist, Christy. The experience resulted in today’s post (by Christy) about in-studio radio on the Tyndale Blog. Also newly posted is the audio from my interview over at You can listen by selecting Hour 1 of the program–I come on at about the ten minute mark.

Craving Grace Release Party

When I arrived in Quantico, VA, last summer, I was a brand new Marine wife wondering how in the world I was going to make close friends in a matter of just ten months there. Thankfully, God had plenty of surprises in store, including many friendships that formed quickly and became close and deep.

Three of us–Viann, Briana, and I–at the end of our time out East were looking at giving birth: Viann and Briana to human children, me to a book, so we all decided to throw parties for one another in celebration of the new arrivals. Courtesy of another talented Quantico friend, Kelli, here are a few photos of my first-ever book release party.

Welcome to Facebook. Get Something Free.

OK. The books are printed, I have this pile of them at my house, and it’s time to share.

To all Facebook users, you can register to win a free copy of Craving Grace this week by liking the fan page “Craving Grace by Lisa Velthouse.” Find it at Five random fans will win a free copy this week—so if you’re already a fan, gold star! You’re already in the contest.

Winners will be notified on Friday, April 22. You have six days, people.

A Writing Process, By Photo

A little less than a year ago, I had a looming book deadline, lots of writing attempts, and no book. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to make two storylines (one past, one present—you’ll understand when you read it) jibe with all the themes they attempted to illustrate. Later I came to refer to this experience as “writer’s block on Speed.”

After several useless problem-solving attempts, finally I fished out a Sharpie, some paper, and scissors from my desk drawers, and for a few hours I cut and wrote and arranged little snippets all over my bedroom floor. Yellow represented the past-tense storyline, pink the present-tense, blue the main divisions, and white the themes. Finally, it was something useful and focused.

So—two previews in one week!—the final draft of Craving Grace looks a lot like this, minus the gloves and the foot:

(Click image to view larger)

Yes, I have blurred out some key notes, including one about the wedding. It’s blogger-cruel, I know. But it makes you want to read the book, doesn’t it?

Welcome and Re-Welcome 1.0, image #1

For the six of you who remember the old days and the original, which went up sometime around 2002 promoting Saving My First Kiss, welcome back to a whole new bit. For everyone else, we’re glad you’re here too.

Facebook links!

A Twitter feed!

Current info and photos!

The initial rendition of was lovely for its time. It worked out of Blogger and included 2 photos. It told people that I was in college and had never been kissed, and its bio picture included not only lipstick but also pearls. At age nineteen, yikes. 1.0, image #2

The moral of that story is: It’s good to grow up a little. It’s really good to be here.

Without further ado, I present phase 1 of the Website Update Project. Other phases will be happening in the near future. For instance, some of you proposed I add a few interesting details to my bio—favorite foods, anyone?—so I’m planning to include “pizza, any kind of PIZZA” and a few other fun facts sometime soon. I’ll be updating my calendar and contact info as well. In the meantime, feel free to rummage around and enjoy what’s already posted. New info includes never-before-posted endorsements for Craving Grace on this here Books page.