Sneak Peak! Your Beautiful Heart
25 July 2014

Well, looky here. It’s your first glimpse and first opportunity to order my upcoming project with Lauren Scruggs. Her book Your Beautiful Heart is fantastic, and I recommend it for any teen girl or young woman, or any woman for that matter. You are going to love it! (Amazon gets traffic because, as far as I can tell, it’s the first retailer to go public with this—see others? Let me know!)

In Progress: New Look, New Everything

If you’re thinking I should probably hire a web designer to fix my site, then you’ve probably noticed there’s some polish missing in this corner of the web lately. I’m giving a facelift, in little bits at a time. I hope it’s not any kind of inconvenience for you as you browse—the end goal is a site that’s

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Links For Your Perusing Pleasure

Here’s a quick compilation of the articles I’ve had published recently. They’re all online, which hopefully keeps things handy for you.

If you’re a blogger who’s looking for me to guest post or an editor who’s looking to hire me for your publication, I’d love it if you’d email me and say so. If you’re a reader looking for more, you can subscribe to my blog and consider immediately picking up your copy of my latest book, Craving Grace.

Craving Grace Crosses the Pacific!

For all those who have been asking, Craving Grace is about to be released in the Southeast Asia!

With a cover-refresh and in paperback to boot, Craving Grace is heading off to the islands. Courtesy of OMF Literature, you’ll now be able to find my latest project for sale in the Philippines. Upon last check, it hadn’t yet hit the OMF website, but be on the lookout and you should find it there soon!

Special thanks to all those who asked for this—you’re getting your wish!

Fifty Shapes Like Grace

Introducing Celia Grace, born late April.

Because mama wants to feel somewhat professional again, for at least 20 minutes.

And because grace is the loveliest thing, and because graciousness, gracefulness, and gratitude all take shapes that point in its general direction—here are 50 little celebrations from my corner of the woods.

(1) You are still reading this, despite my cheesy riff of a title.

(2) The safe arrival of our baby girl, who (3) is a redhead, (4) has the best gummy smile ever, (5)  sleeps like a dream, (6) screams like crazy beforehand—keeps things interesting, (7, 8, and 9) got her dad’s cute upper lip, and (10) is learning how to giggle.

(11) Baby nap times, which tie you to home much of most days, making sleep deprivation less painful.

(12) Mountain views from the postpartum floor at the hospital.

Better, Stronger, Thinner, More?

Keeping Space for Grace in the New Year

NOTE: Today’s post is a preview of a New Year’s piece I wrote for the January 2012 online edition of Praise and Coffee magazine. Find out more about Praise and Coffee over at their site, or head on over to Issuu to view the full article.

It’s a fickle thing that can happen, this shift from Christmas into a sparkling New Year. There are only six days between O Holy Night and Auld Lang Syne, yet it could be said that we who sing the songs are vastly changed from one melody to the other.

…by the time our Christmas trees are de-trimmed and hauled out to curbs, we might already be forgetting we are people with a great need who live under great grace. Without even thinking to consider what’s happening, we stow the Gift away somewhere with our ornament boxes, because the calendar is turning and now it’s time for resolutions.

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