Fifty Shapes Like Grace

Introducing Celia Grace, born late April.

Because mama wants to feel somewhat professional again, for at least 20 minutes.

And because grace is the loveliest thing, and because graciousness, gracefulness, and gratitude all take shapes that point in its general direction—here are 50 little celebrations from my corner of the woods.

(1) You are still reading this, despite my cheesy riff of a title.

(2) The safe arrival of our baby girl, who (3) is a redhead, (4) has the best gummy smile ever, (5)  sleeps like a dream, (6) screams like crazy beforehand—keeps things interesting, (7, 8, and 9) got her dad’s cute upper lip, and (10) is learning how to giggle.

(11) Baby nap times, which tie you to home much of most days, making sleep deprivation less painful.

(12) Mountain views from the postpartum floor at the hospital.

(13) The offer of a pacifier from a night nurse who knew exactly what she was talking about.

(14) Family.

(15) Friends who visit right away and (16) pretend not to notice that you’ve fallen asleep talking to them.

(17) Our church small group who prayed, stopped in, and stuffed the fridge: (18) fabulous taco salad, (19) Rubios take-out, (20) Chick-fil-A sandwiches, (21) fajita amazingness, (22) Cheesy potato bake, (23) Chicken casserole, (24) Chicken and broccoli, (25) Pesto pasta salad and (26) Spinach tortellini that were all (27) so tasty they’re still memorable weeks later.

(28) Uncle David, who is fast becoming babysitter extraordinaire.

(29) The friend, (30) the pastor, and (31) the unknown, uniformed gunnery sergeant who each kindly offered to carry the car seat.

(32) Everyone who has volunteered to help with anything.

(33) A baby shower for military moms, generously given by mostly strangers.

(34) Friends who made sure the FPO address kept receiving care packages without fail.

(35) Chiropractor visits.

(36) Skype, (37) phone, (38) mail, and (39) email capabilities in Afghanistan.

(40) Military wives, who know what it’s like and say so.

(41) The delivery room nurse who held my hand.

(42) Ever-faithfulness of a God who obviously knew it would be perfect—yes, perfect—for (43) the hospital to send me home 2 hours before delivery and (44) the doula to accidentally leave her phone off that one—just one, ever—night and (45) no time to think about pain medication, because (46) that was just what it took to never, not once, think about feeling alone.

(47) The delirious joy that will be homecoming and reunion.

(48) A writer friend who, at just the right moment and with (49) a title idea going in the right direction, gave (50) encouragement to get back to writing. I will be glad to have all this to look back on.


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16 thoughts on “Fifty Shapes Like Grace

  1. Such a great list! I just love hearing all the ways you’ve been rallied around and supported as you’ve stepped into motherhood without your hubby physically by your side. God is good. xo

  2. Loved reading your list! It made me realize that my visit with you was definitely not long enough because we never even touched on your birth story. It sounds like it was very eventful and exciting! I would love to hear it sometime! I’m so glad you had a great nurse to hold your hand. What a blessing! Thanks for this update. I will be checking your blog often! Praying for you as you anticipate Nathan’s return! Yay!!!

  3. Love this, especially #46. One of my favorite parts of Military wifedom is how God cultivates dependence on him and creates wild memories and stories to tell all through the same events. Yours will be told well I’m sure :-) I can’t wait to get back to the west coast to visit that baby and her mama.

  4. Hi Lisa! I’ve read your books Saving My First Kiss and Craving Grace. It has been quite a while since I’ve last read an update about you. I was wondering if you already have a baby (I searched in Yahoo) and I’m so happy to know that you now have Grace.

    May all your dreams come true,

    Kylie (from the Philippines):)