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Keeping Space for Grace in the New Year

NOTE: Today’s post is a preview of a New Year’s piece I wrote for the January 2012 online edition of Praise and Coffee magazine. Find out more about Praise and Coffee over at their site, or head on over to Issuu to view the full article.

It’s a fickle thing that can happen, this shift from Christmas into a sparkling New Year. There are only six days between O Holy Night and Auld Lang Syne, yet it could be said that we who sing the songs are vastly changed from one melody to the other.

…by the time our Christmas trees are de-trimmed and hauled out to curbs, we might already be forgetting we are people with a great need who live under great grace. Without even thinking to consider what’s happening, we stow the Gift away somewhere with our ornament boxes, because the calendar is turning and now it’s time for resolutions.

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